Seller's Assurance Program

Get The Industry’s Most Powerful Benefits for Home Sellers

No matter what your needs are as a seller, I have the tools and resources that can help through the Seller’s Assurance Program. This exclusive and industry-leading marketing suite is designed to put your home in front of more buyers, boost its sales price and help you make the move that’s right for you.

Seller Benefits

When you list your home with me, a Coldwell Banker REALTOR®, our Seller's Assurance program ensures a smooth transaction process every time so you can focus on getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. - Ask me for more information.



Value-boosting improvements. No upfront costs.

RealVitalize® is a Coldwell Banker Realty program to help you get more for your house without the initial cost.

Carpentry • Landscaping • Painting • Handyman Services • Appliance Purchasing & Installation • Staging • Curb Appeal Enhancements • Carpet Cleaning • Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Plumbing • Drywall & Insulation • Electrical Upgrades • Moving • Storage • Junk Hauling

CBx Buyer Locator

What is CBx Buyer Locator?

Selling with the power of big data! CBx Buyer Locator is how I find likely buyers and market your home more efficiently than ever.

Meet the CBx® Technology Suite; an exclusive set of products will change the way I sell your home using big data that makes sense. In every facet of our industry, Coldwell Banker sets the standard for innovation, expertise and support. As a Coldwell Banker real estate professional, I use the CBx Technology to find buyers using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms.

CBx Buyer Locator

Putting You At Ease

I use my 30 years of expertise in the marketing/advertising industry, and my local market knowledge as a native of greater Cincinnati, to sell your home quickly and for the best price.